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Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Sculptures on Wooster


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First Pros

Maybe someone out there can explain something that has bothered me since I moved to Cincinnati. How is it possible for the Reds to be the first professional baseball team? It is a game, you need at least two teams to play. How is it of any consequence to be the first? Was the second team declared two seconds later? What is the deal with this constantly referred to stat about Cincinnati?

To me it seems like another case of Cincinnati just creating achievements rather than actually doing anything.


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Mapping Personality

Richard Florida’s most recent book Who’s Your City is the logical extension of his previous work and like these previous books I am excited and terrified at what the implications are for planning and urban design. There is a recent interview on Soapboxmedia about his latest book as it relates to Cincinnati.

One of the more interesting excerpts that I have seen is this map of personalities. Cincinnati is noticeably neurotic.


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Phoenix Public Art

I thought this article about Phoenix’s public art program was interesting in the context of Cincinnati’s potential public art program.

As the article states “You will never get 100 percent consensus, and in this case, art is very subjective.” But clearly the city of Phoenix has deiced that public art serves a legitimate purpose and there is enough support for there capital program to exist. More interesting is the sort of reflection on the history of the program. From the perspective of the a city just now developing a percent for part program the lessons learned from Phoenix, which is a highly regarded program among national public art professionals, can provide some insight into the purpose and effectiveness of a capital public art program.


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Obey Obama

I guess this is a little late, but Fairey’s Obama designs are crazy to me, and quite a divergence from his usual gig.

Because people are not used to seeing advertisements or propaganda for which the motive is not obvious, frequent and novel encounters with Obey propaganda provoke thought and possible frustration, nevertheless revitalizing the viewer’s perception and attention to detail.

Not that this statement guides everything the man is, but seeing this propaganda style poster put to use for nothing but pure propaganda is a bit of a regression. I am o.k. with it, and think that it actually make sense here.

If you want to get your own small version you can check out the stickers and the pdf. Unfortunately, the posters sold out.


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More Ghost Signs

A few more ghost signs around the neighborhood and downtown


The Belmont Cafe building and sign being demolished to make room for a parking lot


Rosco’s on-site sign appears to be repainted recently, but the storefront is closed


I am curious of the date of this huge Paramount Vodka sign

Need Money see WILL is vine covered


Rugs, Baking: Downtown off fourth


Hard to get a shot of this one along Vine


Detail of the above sign’s type


More layers than I can decipher

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