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Taking Back the Streets

Here is a great article in the NY Times about some proposed methods for socializing streetscapes in New York. Many of them seem like the could be done on some level as a DIY approach, very similar to the Park(ing) Day events around the country



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DIY Urbanism

DIY is the new IBM. I found it encouraging that planetizen had this post. I have been thinking about this type of planning for a while now and this was largely why I found myself in Cincinnati, but it seems to be catching on elsewhere too.

The funny thing is that this happens without planning, so why more planners are not trying to take advantage of the systems of action that form organically and supporting the formation of new ones is beyond my understanding.

I’ll try to post some examples later, but I think anyone who has read this blog already knows about the Heidelberg Project so I am putting a ban on it here. It is the most obvious and perhaps best example but what else is there.


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