California (streetcar) Dreaming

On such a winters day it is good to envision the warm vibrant city life of a distant coast.

I just happened upon this convertible streetcar among San Francisco’s fleet on a recent visit. Also, discovered that while it is true that they have a car painted to replicate a historic Cincinnati streetcar they don’t actually have an original.

Topless Streetcar

Toples Streetcar 2



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9 responses to “California (streetcar) Dreaming

  1. Your quite sure the PCC car is not originally from Cincy?

  2. justforview


    There is a whole fleet from Philly that have been painted to look like cars from cities around the country.

  3. I like the PCC look, and especially like the canary yellow.

  4. good to see that you’re back

  5. ^ The “Cincinnati Car’ on the San Francisco “F” line is definitely from Philadelphia.

  6. Love the drop-top streetcar!

  7. That is sweet. Set it up for drunken bachelorette parties going past Sully’s and man…..
    You know,on second thought that probably isn’t a good idea at all.

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