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California (streetcar) Dreaming

On such a winters day it is good to envision the warm vibrant city life of a distant coast.

I just happened upon this convertible streetcar among San Francisco’s fleet on a recent visit. Also, discovered that while it is true that they have a car painted to replicate a historic Cincinnati streetcar they don’t actually have an original.

Topless Streetcar

Toples Streetcar 2



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The Art of the Urban Farm Dance Party

Work Architecture Company, winners of the Young Architects Program, installed an urban farm inside the courtyard of P.S.1 in Queens for their weekly summer dance party. What a seemingly random amalgamation of things; dance party, art and urban agriculture. Leave it to P.S. 1.

(from NyTimes)

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Indy Does it Again

Sports teams are like crack-cocaine to city administrators. They seem to see them as the quick fix to harsh economic realities, building new stadiums to attract or retain teams as economic investments. Rarely does the investment change the harsh reality, but it does put a buzz in the air. Still, taxpayers are typically left paying the bill long after the life of the stadium. This is the case in Indianapolis as they open the Indianapolis Colts new Lucas Oil Stadium and get ready to demolish the Hoosier Dome, which is yet to be paid for.

Regardless of the cost, the new stadium is going to be a great asset for the city as it continues to grow and expand its urban identity. There are certainly valid criticism of architecture too, but generally I think that it works well. Putting a monolithic structure in modern downtown is no small feat and the siting and building design do well to integrate it as much as possible with the rest of the downtown. Hopefully mixed use developments will continue to emerge in the areas around the stadium.

Really though, I just can’t wait for the Colts to show the Bengals how a professional football team should conduct itself, no offense Cincinnati.

An architectural review from the Indianapolis Star


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JR Changing Face of Favelas

(from wooster)


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More Urban Play

More urban play from a masters industrial design student at Central Saint Martin.

71% of adults used to play on the streets when they were young. 21% of children do so now. Are we designing children and play out of the public realm?

This project is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space. It focuses on ways of incorporating incidental play in the public realm by not so much as having separate play equipment that dictates the users but by using existing furniture and architectural elements that indicate playful behaviour for all. (via pixelsumo)

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Complex Ish

The only complex shit about this art installation by Paul McCarthy is the safety device that failed to work when a storm hit the Paul Klee Center in Bern, Switzerland. Titled Complex Shit, the inflatable dog turd blew away, brought down a power line, and broke a window before landing in the grounds of a children’s home.

From the Telegraph


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Domesticating Public Space

As long as there have been cities, their residents have spread out, outside, when the temperature rises. New Yorkers have long been in the habit of bringing out lawn chairs, card tables and mattresses — even sofas and televisions — turning sidewalks and fire escapes into living rooms, dining areas and sleeping porches. But there are those, like Mr. Tsao, for whom the usual stoop picnic is not enough, expansionist entertainers who are putting a new spin on an old practice, and domesticating public space in ever more elaborate ways.

From the nytimes


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