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OTR Street Art

I don’t see a lot of street art around OTR, but recently I came across a few pasted pieces.

This one is of 12th Street between Vine and Race Streets

This one is tucked in an alley off 13th. The best part about that is that walking along 13th you see it and want to check it out, but have to go down the alley a little to get up close. Well worth it, IMO.

They are cool, kinda whimsical and not charged with the negative connotations that typically comes with tagging or political resistance.

I can’t really make out the bottom one. At first and still from a distance it looks like a profile of a guy in a top hat, but up close it is this weird combination of what looks like an old computer monitor with wings.

After looking at the photos they are kind of different, but when I first saw them I thought that they were from the same person. There was another one off Main Street that I didn’t get a picture of in time, but it also seemed similar.



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